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when i was very small i assumed this song was about some lady who literally kept a human face in a jar by the door and since father mckenzie buried her that meant that he also killed her and basically i thought eleanor rigby was about zombies until i was like 12 years old

Damn. I always thought it was about a woman who was in love with a preacher.

Easily the most haunting song in the world. 

Your icon is just enough of the same sort of general dark gold type hue for me to mistake it for Mark Ruffalo's icon sometimes. So everyone once in a while I'm scrolling through in a daze and, "huh. Way to go, Ruff, reblogging the cat gif... Oh, nope. Syntax again." Just thought you might like to know that someone, somewhere in the world, sometimes mistakes you for Mark Ruffalo. -OTT

I never realized this is all I wanted in life, until you mentioned it.