It may just be because I’m coming down with something, but I think Tumblr should change the Activity page to Action page.

"How much Action did I get today?"

Come on, it would warm the soul.




Notice how all of humanity has just gone downhill since they declared that Pluto was not a planet anymore

#wrath of Pluto

Actually, Pluto was the Roman’s name for Hades. They named a planet after a god of the dead then revoked its planetary status and thought everything would be okay. You fools


I lived with my great-aunt for nearly two years before her stroke. She used to tell me all the stories of my grandfather and their siblings and her mother. Every story was like stepping back in time with her.

After her stroke, she developed Alzheimer’s.

The last time I visited her, she mistook me for my mother. But she was still able to tell me a story of something my “father” (grandfather) did, when they were young. She talked about her younger brother who died in WW2 a few miles from my grandfather, who was fighting in Normandy. Like it was a day ago. Literally stepping back in time - but still she took me there with her. I know what these people looked like, their mannerisms and the things they would say and how they would say it - because she still remembered them.

A couple of family members tried to correct my great-aunt, telling her I wasn’t my mother, trying to tell her that the people in her story were gone, now. And she understood it. Until they left the room. Then she asked me, “Who was that?” I just shrugged, and said, “Tell me more.” “What was I saying?” “Whatever you want.” And she went on with another story.

I love this scene. I love how he just rolled with it. Makes me cry, every time. But in a good-sad way. Lots of things end up on the cutting room floor, when people edit a movie down for time. I’m glad they didn’t cut this. I’m glad they thought to write it, and film it. I’m glad it’s here.